Help Franks on Fire

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Patrol Leaders Training Task


4 x Poles
3 x Length of Rope
Tap close by
Some rope
Bucket (the bucket must have a handle)
Broom handle


Mark out 2 lines, 3 – 6 meters apart, depending on how difficult you want it to be, this will be your gorge. Position half the team on one side of the gorge and half on the other side. On side 1 there will be a tap close by (or large water container), some rope and a bucket (the bucket must have a handle). On side 2 there will be more rope, a broom handle and “Frank”. Frank is a stunt man who got lost and set himself on fire. His Fire proof suit will only protect him for 10 mins, after that he will die. It will take 5 full buckets of water to put out the fire. Teams will need to somehow get all 5 buckets from the tap to Frank. If the bucket touches the ground it will be emptied and returned to side 1. Nobody can enter the gorge. If any water is spilt going across, it will only count as ½ a bucket. If the bucket is dropped in to the gorge it will be lost and Frank will die. Teams will have 5 mins planning time before the task is to start. The task is timed


  • leadership
  • leadership team building
  • logic

Badge Links

  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Team-building