Untangle the spiders web

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Beavers roll a ball of string to each other to make spiders web then have to undo it.


Ball of string


Stand the children in a circle. Hand the ball of string to the first person, who rolls it across the floor (keeping hold of the end) to someone on the other side of the circle. That person rolls it to someone who hasn't had the string yet, and so on until everyone has caught the string once. You will have formed a large 'spiders web' with the string. (It is important all children only catch the string once).

The last person to end up with the ball of string has to trace it back to the first person, climbing under and over the threads of the web, with the others lifting and lowering their threads to help him.

They will need to listen to each other across the circle as they figure out how to undo the web.


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