Spaghetti Wigs

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Messy activity, just for fun, making crazy hairstyles out of spaghetti.


1 packet of spaghetti per 4 people
Water supply
Stove with pans
Hob burner or gas rings
Food colouring or colourful pieces of food (eg carrots, cucumbers, food that can be eaten raw)

[Although the wigs are not intended to be eaten, check for dietary requirements before handing out 'ingredients']


- To make clearing up easier, put down tarpaulin or old carpet on the area in which you'll be doing the activity
- Give each Six/Patrol/small group a station to make spaghetti. Use a stove and pan to soften the spaghetti, or pre-cook the spaghetti if saving time or doing with younger sections
- Young people take a handful of spaghetti each and add food colouring (or pre-prepared colourful foods, eg carrot sticks and cucumber slices) to customise their 'wig'
- For the fashion parade, the young people balance their wigs on their head. Have a camera on hand to take snaps and capture the couture moment.


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