Survival Game

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Simple team game teaching cubs about the resources needed for survival


Symbols printed on card showing the following resources [water,food,clothing,medicine,fire]
4 x sticks (approx 4 feet in length) to serve as paddle for canoe.


Plenty of resource cards are produced and are laid face down in the centre circle. This is the Island. Cubs will stand in sixes at each corner of the room. On a whistle cubs will paddle their "canoes" (using the stick which ensures they cannot use their hands to move along ) across the floor on their bottoms. On reaching the island the cub can grab one face down resource card and bring it back to the six (paddle back). They may not look at the card before they pick it up and they may not change their card once one has been touched.

This continues until all resources on the island are depleted. The six with the most full sets of resources [water,food,clothing,medicine,fire] wins.


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