Hammocks part 1

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Preparing for using hammocks at camp. Useful knots and techniques to learn in advance. Optional webbing lengths


Tarps (approximately 2 m by 3 m), parachute core (6+ m lengths, 3 metre lengths), optional hammock. Leader who will have practised three knots to a proficient level


Initially talk about the virtues of hammocks (leave no footprint, setup over broken ground etc), then the challenges ( insulation underneath the sleeper, storage). In this exercise focus on finding suitable trees. Tying paracord between two trees (round turn two and half hitches), tarp over the top and secure corners with Prusik Knot and variants to enable tensioning of tarp. The slacken off main tarp rope and demonstrate Alpine Butterfly Loop for use for storage (shoes, water bottle, rucksack etc). Use sliding prusik knot for additional storage. Then hand over to each patrol and let them get on with setting up (without the hammock). Give each patrol small amount of time (to simulate set up in rain), and feedback on knots. Explain that webbing strips and or cardboard can be used to protect tree if expecting to put heavy load on the main paracord.


  • camp skill
  • camper
  • Knot Tying

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