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Caeser cipher explained. Cubs make cipher wheel to create own messages


two discs of card, one 10cm, one 12 cm diameter.
one brass paper fastener.


cut out paper discs.
Mark on large disc A (at 12 o'clock)
mark on N (at 6 o'clock)
draw dividing lines at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock
divide the remaining space again.
Enter three letters into each space created eg: BCD, EFG until all the letters are entered.
Make holes in the centre of the cards and place the brass paper fastener.
enter the letters of the alphabet again on the smaller disc, lining it up with the outer letters.

When you write a message move the disc 5 characters clockwise (for example) and use the corresponding letters to replace the usual ones. Ensure the person receiving the message has a corresponding cipher wheel and knows how many characters the shift.

Thank you to the "dangerous book for boys" by Gonn Iggulden


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