Treasure Hunt

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Sock Hunt


Individual socks, each containing the following
1. Apple
2. Battery
3. Bottle lid
4. Carrot
5. Clothes peg
6. Golf ball
7. Key
8. Lego block
9. Pen
10. Plastic Spoon
11. Small spud
12. Spool of thread
13. Stone
14. Twig
15. Woggle


Label each sock with a number and pop one item in each. Label each sock with it's corresponding number.
This is a wide game, hide the socks around a field, playground or if necessary a hall.
Split the Beavers into groups.
Each group must go outdoors and find each sock, feel the item inside, and write their guesses on the answer sheet.
Once each group is finished they may play until all games are finished.
First team finished get a prize.
Most correct answers - get a prize.
Best effort - get a prize.
Tail end Charlie's get a prize


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