Delegation Poker

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A nice activity for patrol leaders to learn about the importance of delegation.


Print out a set of cards per person.
Invent a set of scenarios where patrol leaders should be organising a task.


Read each scenario and everyone has to privately pick the option they'd use.
Everyone gets the value of their card added to their card, however, if they are the "highest minority" to use that card then they get nothing (as they've delegated too far and will get chaos).

So if 3 people pick level 6 and 2 people pick level 5 then there is no "highest minority" so everyone scores (there's no highest minority as the majority of people picked 6).

However, if 2 people pick level 6 and 3 pick level 5 then only the level 5 cards score points.


  • leadership
  • leadership team building

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