Braille Biscuits

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using small rectangular biscuits, chocolate spread and mini marshmallows Cubs create their name in Braille using the mini marshmallows as the dots.


Small Rectangular biscuits (malt, rich tea, or similar); chocolate spread, mini marshmallows, Braille sheets


1. Talk to Cubs about blindness and its implications, e.g. watching their favourite TV programme, crossing the road, etc
2. Introduce Braille, using the sheet explain how it is used to provide blind people with a means of written communication
3. Cubs are then asked to create their name in Braille on blank braille dot sheets using the Braille alphabet sheets in download
4. Each Cub is then given as many biscuits as they have letters in name
5. Chocolate spread is spread over the biscuits
6. Using the mini marshmallows the cubs copy their name in Braille onto the biscuits, Each marshmallow is a single dot.
7. Cubs can then eat the biscuits or take them home.

I will leave you to decide how you deal with "Max" when he complains that "Kimberly" has more biscuits than he does!


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