Seasons game

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Game to introduce the Seasons


Cards labelled Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Paper, pencils, space!


Label 4 walls with the Seasons. Call out a month eg December. Beaver run to the appropriate season/wall. Repeat for other months. Write which months go in which season. If time, introduce other events eg Easter, Christmas, Harvest festival, Bonfire night or seasonal nature activities eg lambs being born, buds appearing on trees, leaves falling from trees, bare branches etc

To add to this you could call out the names of vegetables, flowers and fruits and ask the young people to identify in which season they become available. e.g. Pumpkins, apples, blackberrys in Autumn, Strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, in Summer, Asparagus, spring greens, daffodils, snowdrops etc in spring Turnips, leeks, cyclamen and winter pansies in winter.



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