Mars Exploration Rover

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An evening based around the Mars Exploration Rover Mission for Beavers


Colouring-in sheet and colouring pens/pencils. Chocolate bar on plate and fork, and hat gloves and scarf. Newspapers.


When Beavers come in they can do the colouring-in sheets. Introduce the evening and Mars - briefly explain about the Mars Exploration Rover Mission - its aims etc. Then for five minutes talk about what it would be like in Mars - emphasize that no human has ever been there - only robots. Make this really mysterious to get their imaginations going - lower lights and show pictures perhaps.

Then tell Beavers that they are going to explore Mars but first of they must undertake training (games)!

Training for weightlessness (they will be able to jump around easily on Mars) - jumping/striding relay (use hoops for them to land in)
Training for living in the cold (the chocolate game - bar on plate and they shake a dice if it is a six they need to put in gloves, hat and scarf and then with a spoon/fork try and eat a block of chocolatey. The dice continues to be rolled and if a six comes up before they manage it they must give up their go).
Training for walking in dust storms - their may be big dust storms and you need find shelter behind bolders - but as the storm gets worst you need to find a new place to hide as your current place is no good - the newspaper islands game!

Ask Beavers if they would like to go Mars.


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