Random Phrase Memory Game

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Cubs are given one minute to commit a random phrase to memory. Then you play a game or distract them for 15 minutes or so before getting them one-by-one to recall their phrase.


The attached worksheet, printed out.


Edit the worksheet if you want to change the words in the random phrases, then print out several copies the list (one per six for example). You can either write your Cub's names on the sheets or add them in Excel.

Give the Pack 60 seconds to remember their phrases and then remove the sheets from view, keeping one of them back for later. Then spend 15 minutes or so playing any game that your pack normally enjoys. After they've enjoyed the game, call them back together and get them to tell the leader with the check sheet their phrases (best done one at a time). Award marks if they get it right.

You can run a second round if you want by regenerating the sheet with new phrases.


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