What are you eating Mr Worm?

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Compost themed game similar to 'What time is it Mr Wolf?'




Helper/ Young Leader stands at one end of the room/area with his back to the Beavers lined up half way along the room. The Beavers shout What are you eating Mr Worm? The 'worm' shouts 'banana skins/mouldy grapes/ carrot peelings' etc. and the beavers take one step towards the YL for each compostable item. If not compostable the beavers must freeze, the YL says yuck and looks round. Any beaver spotted moving is sent back to the start. Aim is to tag the worm and join the wormery. If the worm shouts 'compost' everyone runs back pursued by the worm. If caught they start the next round further back.



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