South Africa flag jigsaw

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As part of an evening learning about South Africa we coloured in the separate sections of the South African flag, completed the jigsaw, and learnt the meaning of the colours.




Link to template:
I printed the template off using card (but of course paper is just as good) then cut out the separate pieces of the flag. Try to make just one cut through the outside border, then sellotape this shut again so it makes a frame for the children to complete the jigsaw inside.

Although the meanings of the colours are not official, they are widely accepted. The black and white sections represent the people of South Africa; the blue is for the sky and the oceans; the green is for the vegetation; the red is for the blood spilt in the fight against apartheid; the yellow represents the gold reserves that are mined in the country. The big green Y shape also represents the two parts of the country coming together as one.


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