Body Spell

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Team Game where the young people have letters written on their feet or hands and then compete in patrols with the fastest to spell the words shouted out.


Washable Felt Tips


Divide the young people into teams (5 or 6). They will need to play this game with
bare feet. The groups can play against each other or the clock (five second time
limit). Using a felt tip marker write three letters on each team member. Either two
hands (palms) and one foot (sole) or one hand and two feet.

1. TDO
2. HYI
3. HER
4. BFT
5. OCS
6. NVA

As you call out a series of 4, 5, 6 or 7 letter words the group has to spell the word using combinations of hands and feet. Select 20 words from the list below. The finished words must be clearly visible to the leader.

4 Letter words:
rest, fist, dice, trot, crib, boot, rich, host, nose, vote, coat, boar, bash, fans, vats, cast, rats, rash, dash

5 letter words:
shoot, first, drift, shirt, roost, shred, hired, toads, boast, coast, veins, start

6 letter words:
forest, theory, bitter, bother, frosty, boiled, strict, cabins, ranted, snatch

7 letter words:
thirsty, ostrich, october, boosted, shifted, hoisted, snotted

8 letter word:


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