fires safety - splat game

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a game like splat - but stop drop and roll




Setup: All players are arranged in a circle, one arm's length apart.

The Rules:
1) A leader will stand in the centre and pivots around the centre of the cirle with an outtretched arm. (or could be stood at the side and shout out names instead)
2) The leader shouts 'FIRE' whilst pointing at a Scout at random. The Scout directed must immediately Stop, Drop and Roll to avoid losing a life.
3) If the above player correctly drops as they are Fired at, the two adjacent players must then turn towards each other shouting FIRE as quickly as possible. Whoever was fired at first must also immediately Stop, Drop and Roll.
4) Each player has 2 lives in the game, but may end up practicing the fire safety procedure several times.
Additional Information: Works equally well in groups of 5-6 as it will with the whole section.



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