Chocolate Olympics

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The Chocolate Olympic Games!


For 15 explorers:

Chalk or stickers to mark distances (preferably colour coded so you can identify each team)
Box of after eights
3 bags of maltesers
2 bags of buttons
1 box of mikados (Matchmakers work well too)
Enough bars of cheap choc so that there is 1 square for each 4 player relay team
Straws for water polo
2 Washing up bowls if poss
Tin of chocs for winning team
Celotape to make goals
Paper and pen to record scores
Stop watch


Divide explorers into equal(ish) teams. 4/5 works best but you want a minimum of 3 teams so whatever works with numbers.

Each team needs to choose a country to represent. Scoring is based on number of teams so if you have 4 teams, winning team will be awarded 4 points 2nd 3 points and so on. The only exception is after eight challenge where the score is individual but goes to the team total so it is possible that 1st and 2nd could be on the same team so they would get 7 points for their team.

The Choc Olympic events are as follows:

Relay: a team of ideally 4 take it in turns to run to the other end of the room, take a piece of chocolate off a chair and eat it. They must show that their mouth is empty before they can run back and tag the next runner. Winner is the first team back. All take part at the same time.

Javelin: The team has 3 attempts to throw their javelin (Mikado or Matchmakers). They can throw it from any height but it must be thrown perpendicular to the body and CANNOT be rolled. The distance is measured where the javelin first lands and not where it travels to. Any broken javelins do not count. This event is easier to measure if teams go individually.

Water Polo: Two players from each team go head to head with another team over a bowl of water. They must try and use their straws to blow the malteser into the goal of the other team (straws stuck to the side of the bowl) first team to 3 goals wins. PUT A TOWEL DOWN!! If you have two bowls, and enough help, have two games going on to stop people getting bored. Scoring is based on number of games won.

Shot put: Lying on their back, a member of the team must balance a malteser on their lips. Using only their breath they must fire the maltesers as far behind their head as possible. Three attempts for each team. Distance is measured where malteser lands and not where it travels. This event is easier to measure if teams go individually.

Gymnastics, Balance: 1 person from each team (or everyone if there is enough after eights) stand inline and place an after eight on their forehead. Using only facial and head movements, they must get the after eight in their mouth. If it falls off, they’re out. Quickest time to get choc from head to mouth wins. Record top four times. All play at same time

Marathon: Every team member has a chocolate button placed on the tip of their nose. They must complete 4 laps of the space whilst keeping the button balanced. Each time they drop the button, a 5 second time penalty is added to their time. Time is taken when the last person crosses the finish line. If there are enough people, have someone keep track of laps, someone with the stopwatch and another keep track of drop penalties. DO NOT give the explorers their buttons before their race as they melt and make it easier. If you can, mark the course out with cones or people so they don’t cut corners.

Note: On warm days you may want to refrigerate some of the chocolate as soft/melting chocolate will make the Relay, Javalin & Marathon easier. Gymnastics is much better if the After Eight are at room temperature so that the gradual melting makes it harder to do and funnier to watch! (Edit by - C.Bamber)


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