Remembrance Crosses

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Create a cross with a poppy on it for one of the fallen soldiers


Method 1: Heavy card, markers
Method 2: 3.6mm plywood, fine saw, 4mm drill, wood glue, fine sandpaper, sharpies


Method 1: Cut a cross out from from the card.

Method 2: Pre-cut the ply into strips: One 200mm wide and one 110mm wide.
Assist the Cubs to cut a 30mm strip from each of the two sizes of ply and cut the corner off one end of the longer strip to make a point.
Get the cubs to sand the edges smooth, then drill a 4mm hole about 15mm down from the top of the long piece (this is for the poppy)
Stick the cross together with wood glue, allow to dry. Use Sharpies to write diretcly on the wood

Both methods:

Encourage the Cubs to choose a name from or select a name from the local war memorial.
Write a short memorial to the person on the cross
Put a poppy (either one the cubs make or one from the RBL) on the top

On Remembrance Sunday - lay or plant the crosses by the war memorial.
[Thought: You may want to make it part of the remembrance service to get the Cubs to plant their cross and symbolically "give" their own poppy totheir chosen person by putting it through the cross at the time]

Or try....
home made poppy wreaths: one for WW1 and one for WW2 with number of poppies on each for the number of names on our village memorial and a virtual poppy and dedication for each man on Every Man Remembered to be our focus for Cubs Own on our return to Cubs. Wreaths will be laid at our Remembrance Service at War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday.

NOTE: Running time and DIYbadge is for Method 2 to do a full Pack of 26 Cubs.
OK It's not a key rack, but the skills and effort required are similar!


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