Poppy wreath

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Make a weather proof wreath to lay at Remembrance service


Old CDs, Funky Foam -Red,Green, Black
Small Posidrive Screwdriver or Awl
Ruler or Tape
Large Splits Pins
Drawing Pins
Quick Dry Glue
Craft Scissors
Paste Brushes
Thick Cardboard (boxes are best) or Flexiboard
Empty crisps tube (crisps get in the glue)
Milk bottle tops


1. Cut out circle in cardboard/flexiboard of 24cm diameter. You should be able to fit 11 poppies on this.
Draw round the CD 11 times, around the edge of the circle leaving a hole in he middle for the group/section label.
2. For each poppy you will need:-
1 CD
Using the Quavers tube cut out – 5 Red petals,1 Green circle
Using the milk bottle top - 1 Black centre
1 Split pin
Glue Spreader
3. Take each CD, cut your green circle in half and glue leaves wherever you want.
4. Take your petals and glue on overlapping each one.
5) Put your split pin through the middle of the black centre.
6) On your wreath make a hole in the middle of each poppy with the screwdriver or awl.
7) On your wreath spread glue on each poppy shape.
8) Push the split pin through the wreath and press poppies in place.
9) Leave to dry.
10) Fill in the centre with your organisation or club.



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