Halloween Quiz

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Quiz for Halloween themed evenings


Pen and paper


Where does the word Halloween come from?

All Hallow's Eve *
Hallo we need treats
Hail witches' ever

In the old days what did people think happened on Halloween?

Start of winter
Souls of the dead came back to Earth *
Special birthday for witches and wizards

What is the favourite Halloween costume for pets in America?

Hot Dog
Pumpkin *

The world's biggest pumpkin is approximately the same weight as...

A crocodile
A leatherback turtle *
An elephant

Where did Halloween start?

Europe *

Pumpkins belong to the same food family as...

Cucumbers *

A man has broken the world record for sailing a pumpkin across...

Part of the English Channel*
An ocean
A pond

What trick or treat goodies were originally given out for Halloween?

Chocolate coins
Gold coins
Fruits and nuts *

What were Halloween lanterns originally for?

Finding your way in the dark
Warding off evil spirits*
Showing off your skills as a carver

True or false: the original reason people dressed up on Halloween was to scare away ghosts.




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