Slice 'n Dice

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Trust building game


largish group of scouts or explorers


A dramatic finale type trust activity for a large group.
Seems crazy or impossible, but it works.
Large group (>30) forms two lines, facing one another, creating a corridor or gauntlet.
Participants put out their arms straight in front. Arms should intersect, overlapping by about a hand with arms of people opposite.
The first person peels off and walks down the corridor. In order to let the person pass, people raise and then lower their arms, creating a Mexican wave effect - a ripple through which a person is walking.
The person then joins in again at the end of the line.
Next person, peels off, walks, down, and so on.
As the group gets more confident, invite people to walk fast, run, and then sprint down the gauntlet (people generally take great care to raise their arms in time).
At some point, or for the finale, have people chop their arms up and down, only pausing to allow the gauntlet-runner through. It works!


  • #teamwork
  • Team challenge
  • Trust

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