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Scouts make commemoration for local (or any) WW1 soldiers on the Royal British Legion/IWM Every Man Remembered website


1. Details of WW1 soldiers from your area OR scouts can choose a soldier with same surname or village/town or other choices from the website.
2. Internet access for the online commemoration OR if you don't have access at scout hut this could be done as a task to take away and finish at home once you have thought of what you would like to write on commemoration website, there are various suggestions when you come to make your commemoration online to help you.


I thought this would be a great idea to get the scouts thinking about people from their town or village who lost their lives in WW1, at the same time helping the RBL with their mammoth challenge of getting 'Every man remembered' on their WW1 commemoration website.
If you look on all will be explained.

We are lucky enough to have a written list of all our local soldier's details but if you don't, you can search on soldiers from your town or village.

On the home page you have a choice of 'commemorate someone I know' or 'find me someone to commemorate' If you click the second option you can then type in your name or the village/town you want to search on. I just typed in 'Lindfield' and it presented all the records with Lindfield associated with them (the records on the database have details of where soldier/parents lived).

Then it is just a case of setting up a logon id (email address and password) that you are happy to let your young people use. I set one up with my own email address, my first name as '1st Lindfield Scouts' and surname of 'Waterloo Troop' so that at the end of the commemoration displayed online, rather than your personal name coming up, it shows as being from '1st Lindfield Scouts Waterloo Troop'

Once your commemoration is setup you have a choice to donate if you want to but you don't have to. I believe if you donate you get a printed certificate.


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