Crossing "No Man's Land"

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A remembrance activity intended to put across the scale of the casualties and loss of life in WW1




Scouts line up at one end of the hall/field and at the signal advance slowly across it. They must walk. Sergeants (PL's) ensure that nobody runs into the rolling artillery bombardment ahead of them.

As they advance tell individuals to either lie down or kneel. Lying scouts are dead, kneeling scouts are wounded.
13% should be dead and a further 31% wounded by the time they get to the end of the hall.

This reflects the percentage casualties among Commonwealth troops in WW1.
eg. For 28 scouts, 9 should be wounded and 4 killed.

A total of 7,165,280 commonwealth troops served on all fronts during WW1.
956,703 were killed or died of injuries.
2,272,998 were wounded.




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