WW2 Rationing and Baking Challenge

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Discussion of WW2 rationing followed by a baking challenge.


Dried egg. Old fashioned scales with lbs. and oz. Per patrol - Baking tray, bun tin, paper cases and baking paper, potato peeler, knife, small billy, mixing bowls and spoons, measuring spoons, oven and hob/gas stove, oven gloves. Cooking ingredients and method on attached sheet


Lay out on a tray or table the Rations for 1 adult/week (see attached sheet) and discuss with Scouts how this compares with what the eat in a week, point out that child's ration was half. Discuss and show some dried egg! Also discuss how many people grew their own vegetables and how carrots and potatoes especially can be added to cakes to make the rations go further.

WW2 Rationing Bake Off Technical Challenge - each patrol then bakes Potato Shortbread and a batch of Carrot Buns. These can than be judged in a blind tasting by a leader/parent or pier reviewed. Or just eaten - they do taste quite good!


  • WW2 Rationing, Baking, Cooking

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