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This activity stresses the need to listen to each other. It can be used as an informal Colony forum (sometimes known as a Log Chew).


A CD with some lively music and a CD player, the Colony mascot or a parcel.


Arrange the Beaver Scouts in a circle.
2. Play some lively music.
3. Pass the Colony mascot or a parcel around the circle until the music stops.
4. The Beaver Scout holding the mascot tells everyone some news.
5. Also good for each beaver to tell of a good turn they have recently done

Do more
Try this after an outing, sleepover or school holiday.
Beaver Scouts can speak about their favourite part of the event.
Try it at an open evening when parents or visitors are present.


  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • community
  • faith
  • spiritual

Badge Links

  • Promise - Done best
  • Teamwork - Log Chew