Keeper and Poacher

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An old favourite game for all the colony teaching stealth, timing, observation and speed.


An object (hat, dish, scarf, plastic bottle - anything that can be picked up with one hand and isn't breakable, dangerous or awkward to hold)


One Beaver is nominated as the Poacher and leaves the room (or is somehow prevented from seeing/hearing the following two steps).

The remaining Beavers form a circle, facing inwards, holding hands. They each represent a tree in the wood.
One of the Beavers in the wood is nominated by a Leader as the Keeper.

An object (a hat, dish, scarf, plastic bottle, etc) is placed on the floor in the middle of the circle.

The Poacher is then called into the room and may enter the circle through any one of the gaps between the trees (i.e. under two of the other Beavers' linked arms). However, the poacher MUST exit the wood via the same gap, or he is automatically considered 'caught'. The Poacher doesn't know which Beaver is the Keeper but must decide when and how to grab the object and dash back out of the wood via the gap, without getting touched by the Keeper.

The Keeper, meanwhile, must try to keep the element of surprise and chose the right moment to pounce and touch the Poacher.

If the Poacher escapes, they can be Poacher again - and so on, until they're caught. If caught, they return to the circle as a tree, the Keeper becomes Poacher, and a new Keeper is chosen (secretly) by the Leader.

Between every round the wood should re-arrange itself quickly and re-form, so that the trees are in different places, and the gaps are different.

A new Keeper should be chosen for each round, whether the Poacher has succeeded or not.


  • chase
  • observation
  • speed
  • Stealth
  • timing

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