First Aid Scenarios

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Sample ideas for Scouts to use for practising First Aid.




Sample Emergency 1
A Scout who has been working on a conservation
project on a hot, humid afternoon returns to camp to
help with supper. Near the cooking fire, he suddenly
becomes dizzy and nauseous, loses his balance, and
falls. As he falls, his hand goes into a pan of hot grease.
His face is pale and clammy, and he is barely conscious.

Sample Emergency 2
A hiker has tumbled down a steep ridge. Scouts find
him with one leg bent under him and the ankle apparently deformed. A cut on his left wrist is
spurting blood.

Sample Emergency 3
Scouts find a fisherman along the shore of a stream. He
is having trouble breathing, is sweating heavily, and
feels nauseous. He complains of an uncomfortable pressure in the center of his chest.

Sample Emergency 4
A boy is found unconscious near a large fallen tree
branch. His right lower leg is bleeding and is turned
at an abnormal angle. There is blood on his chest
and face.

Sample Emergency 5
The victim is found sitting at the foot of a tree. He is
holding his leg and says, “I’ve been bitten by a snake!”
On his calf are two small puncture wounds about three-
fourths of an inch apart.

Sample Emergency 6
A young boy is found wandering near a stream,
mumbling to himself. His clothing is wet and he is
shivering uncontrollably. Blood is oozing slowly from
a wound on his head.


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