Drinking Straw Construction

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Build a Straw tower to support a Chocolate Orange.


A box of drinking straws: 160+ per team
1 chocolate orange per team
The plastic inner container of the Chocolate Orange
A 1m length of sellotape
A tape measure
Inspirational pictures: ie the Eiffel Tower, a water tower etc


In teams of approx 4.
Each team constructs a tower that will support the chocolate orange for 2 minites.
It needs to be self supporting, with the Choc Orange placed in the plastic basket just before the 2 min is started.
Tape can only be used to tape straws together, not to tape the structure to the floor or a supporting object.

Measure from the base surface( floor or table) to the base of the Choc Orange.
+20cm if the tape is not used.
+1cm for every 10 straws not used.

Winner is the tower with the greatest total height, able to support the load for 2 minites.


  • construction
  • Problem solving
  • straw
  • tower

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