Lego Assembly Line

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Working as a team, Each patrol has to assemble a model.


A model to make (Such as lego or K'nex). You can buy small boxes of lego for £5 each


Each patrol is sat around a table and given a lego model to make. The challenge is to make the model as quickly as possible.
1. Get the patrols to make the model, (fastest patrol win a point or small prize.)
2. Discuss how it went the first time around. Did everyone have a job to do? Explain that the task can be completed quickest if they work as an assembly line. Each person makes part of the model and it is put together at the end. If they are really good at this then each person could add their part to the model and pass it along to the next person.
3. Give Patrols 3 mins to plan and then make the model again. - How much did they beat their previous time by?
4. Play again if you wish. Choose a winning team!
5. Debrief. What went well? Assembly lines were invented by Henry Ford. You can create great things as a team rather than by yourself.


  • knex
  • lego
  • patrol games
  • team building
  • teamwork

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