Christmas party games

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A variety of games for a Christmas party


Christmas stockings, wrapped sweets in a dish, spoons, variety of small objects, blindfolds, paper, pencils, old newspapers, old Christmas cards


Fill The Stocking race: divide Beavers into teams. Give each team a Christmas stocking and a spoon. They have to take it in turns to run to the dish of sweets, carry one back on the spoon and put it in the stocking. The first team to fill their stockings or, alternatively, set a time limit and the team with the most sweets in their stocking wins.

What's in the Stocking? Fill a stocking with a variety of small objects. Beavers take turns to feel and see how many they can guess.

Christmas card jigsaw relay: cut up some old Christmas cards to make jigsaws. Divide Beavers into teams. Each team has to take it in turns to run and fetch a piece of their jigsaw and the first team to correctly make the picture wins. You can vary the difficulty by cutting the cards into smaller pieces, or give them more than one card at a time.

Draw a snowman blindfold: see who can draw the best snowman without looking.

Snowball fight: make snowballs out of old newspaper, divide into teams and have a snowball fight!


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