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Hoola-hoops (1 for each six + 1 extra)


Get each six to line up at one end of the hall. Opposite each six place a hoola-hoop and ask the sixer to stand in it. In the centre of the hall place the other hoola-hoop and ask a Pack or Young Leader to stand in it.

Tell the Brownies that they are little, baby birds who have flown out of their nest. Their Sixer is their mother bird. When she calls their name (1 name per six should be called at a time) they will 'fly' home to the safety of their nest. The first team to get all baby birds in the nest wins.

However, there is a hungry hawk in the middle of the room that loves to eat tasty little birds! If they are tagged by the hawk they must go to her nest. The only way they can be saved is if their mother bird flies out and tags them. But - should their mother be caught, all her babies will die!

As soon as you shout go, the Sixers can start to call their babies.


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