First Aid 1

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Knowing what to do in an accident and the recovery position


Clear indoor space


Talk to the girls about what what first aid is and why we need it. Think about situations where they might need first aid and how they could help.

Demonstrate how to check whether someone is breathing and how to open an air way and disuss why you would need to do it. Ask the girls in pairs to go practise on each other.

Demonstrate the recovery position. Talk the girls through why you are moving the casualty. Again ask them in pairs to put each other in the recovery position. It may be useful to demonstrate that size doesn't matter - A brownie can put a leader into the recovery position!

The Red Cross has this useful website with lots of info and printable worksheets to help ->


  • 999
  • accident
  • airway
  • breathing
  • emergency
  • first aid
  • recovery position

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