First Aid 2

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How to cope with bleeding, burns and broken bones.


variety of woven bandages, plasters, triangular bandages


Talk to the girls about the variety of injuries that include bleeding and how to keep themselves safe.

Demonstrate a couple of methods of bandaging a wound including arm/leg/head. Allow the girls to go off in pairs and practise banadaging each other. Try not to let them banadage the same person otherwise you could end up with a Mummy!

Talk about burns and scalds - we loved using the "Hot Chocolate" video from the Red Cross as it stopped in the right points to allow us to talk it through. Check with the girls they know how long to hold the burn under water for and when to ring an ambulance.

Broken bone - Get them to give you examples of how they would know a bone is broken. Demonstrate putting an arm into a sling - allow the girls to have a go.


  • 999
  • accident
  • bleeding
  • broken bones
  • burns
  • emergency
  • first aid

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