Good Turn Beads

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a crafty way to remember to do a good turn every day


Per girl you will need 7 beads, 1 long piece of ribbon (approx. 60cm in length), Laminated good turn card with hole punched through (or print out for girls to stick on card and cut out own shapes)


Thread the ribbon through the good turn card and tie a knot to keep it in place in the middle of the ribbon. Take one bead and thread it from left to right using one end of the ribbon. Using the Same bead, thread it again using the other length of ribbon right to left. Pull the ribbon until the bead slides up to the knot. Repeat with all the beads. Tie a knot at the end of the row, and you have your good turn beads.

Words for the card:

These are your good turn beads
Everyday you do a good turn,
Push a bead from the top to the bottom
until all the beads are at the bottom.
Then push them back up and start again. Can you do one every day?


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