Pancake Making for Pancake Night

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A session for Scouts making pancakes around Shrove Tuesday. Includes recipe and guidance notes for the activity


225g self raising flour
115g castor sugar
2 eggs
gas burners, heavy-bottomed frying pans
OR washed, empty small baked bean tins and tea lights


Here's the recipe that we use on Pancake Night at Scouts. If the weather is good then do this on open fires outside. We did the actrivity on the beach last year.
(An alternative cooking method for indoors is to heat a small baked bean tin with a tea light:

When doing this at Troop night we are looking for teamwork from start to finish. Patrols should make sure that they set up in an organised way, make sure all equipment is on their table and all the ingredients are ready.

Make sure that everyone knows what to do, and make sure that everyone gets a shot at making and eating a pancake.

Afterwards make sure that everyone takes their share of clearing up, washing up and putting things away in the store.

Here we go:


You need:
225g self raising flour
115g caster sugar
2 eggs

Put flour, sugar and eggs into a bowl
Add milk until the batter becomes a bit sticky, but still runny.
Heat the frying pan
Put in a bit of oil
Pour in some of the mixture and let it cook until you can see bubbles appearing.
Turn the pancake over – or flip it!
When both sides are brown the pancake is ready to eat.
To eat – sprinkle sugar and lemon juice and roll up to eat.


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