Apple Bobbing

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Trying to get an apple out of a bucket water using only your mouth!


Scarves to ties hands together
Towels to dry faces


Fill a bucket with water, leaving at least a few inches at the top. Drop in a few apples. The apples will float (bob) on the top of the water.

Get the Guides to take it in turns to get an apple out of the bucket, using only their mouth. Make sure you tie their hands behind their back so they won't be tempted to cheat or steady themselves on the side of the bucket.

Make them aware that they need to choose one apple and go for that one - otherwise you'll end up with teeth marks in every apple. When they have their apple - they can eat it!

Best played outdoors so you don't have to mop up the spilled water.

Other fruit can be used - a favourite is chopped pineapple (not too small, we don't want to make it too easy!)


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