Secret Agents

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This is a fun exercise to get the girls to bond, help each other and to keep secrets.


Paper - printed with the task which is cut into strips


On Sheets of paper type the following Task:

"" You are all Special Agents for the night. - Do not speak to 'Anyone' about your task.
20 points will be lost for anyone found talking about, looking at, or reading other peoples tasks.
Points will be awarded for everyone who successfully achieves their mission.

"Your mission is to offer to help someone tonight"

It might be a Leader or one of the Girls in your Patrol or another Girl as much as you can.
Ask them if there is anything you can do for them? Can I help you? Or why not do something to help them without them asking you.
Try and see if you can help as many people as possible during the evening.

However, you must not give away your mission to the other Girls or any of the Leaders - it is TOP SECRET.
At the end of the night we will compare missions and see how many girls have achieved their task. ""

Copy this mission and cut intro strips, which are then folded up. We then shuffle them to pretend that we are mixing up the tasks, its usually quite good if you write a girls name on the back of them before these are then handed out at the start of meeting in our horseshoe.
All the tasks are the same but it usualy takes them most of the evening to work this out.
At the end of the evening your Girls should have had fun trying to carry out their tasks and achieve their goal.
You can only run this activity once every 4 years, when all the girls that have done it before have left you. (unless they are Young Leaders when they are included in the secret)


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