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Aim: To learn key facts about the olympics and Paralympic Games


Quiz Questions


Gather your group in middle of the room. Explain that one side of the room is 'A' and the other side is 'B'.

Read out the questions from the quiz below. All those who think that the answer is 'A' is correct should run to the 'A' side of the room. Those who believe 'B' is the right answer shoudl run to the other side of the room. Most girls probably won't know the answers, so encourage them to take a guess and find out whether they were right - this is a fun way to learn.

Olympic Quiz
1) How many sports are there in the London 2012 Olympic Games? a) 15 b) 26
2) Which of there was an official sport at the Olympics in 1908? a) Motor Boating b) Climbing
3) The last 'gold' medal to be completely made of gold was given to a winning athelete in which year's Olympic Games? a) 1984 b) 1912
4) Name the Paralympic sport in which teams of players with visual impairments have to score goals by rolling a ball with bells inside it. a) Goalball b) Bellball
5) Each time the Olympic Games takes place, the Olympic torch is carried in a relay from Greece all the way to the host city. How is the Olympic torch lit? a) It is always kept alight b) It is re-lit every two year using the light of the sun
6) The Olympic Games has three main values. Which of these is not an official Olympic value? a) Excellence b) Creativity
7) A MArathon is a long running race around 26 miles. Why was this distance chosen? a) It's the distance from Marathon to Athens in Ancient Greece b) It's the distance from Windsor Castle to the 1908 Olympic Stadium
8) What are the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots called? a) Wenlock and Mandeville b) Manlick and Wendeville
9) What is the Olympic Village? a) Somewhere for the athletes to stay during the Olympics b) A place in Greece where the Olympics began
10) Which country has gained the most medals in all the summer Olympic Games? a) USA b) Russia

1b 2a 3b 4a 5b 6b 7a 8a 9a 10a


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