Taking The Lead: Letters

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Team building/communication exercise.


A copy of the resource sheet (included in the appendix)
A pair of scissors


Advance preparation: Cut all the letters up. Cut up the fours words and place a pile of letters on each word. Make sure that all the letters are mixed up.

During the activity: Give each of the four teams a word and a random pile of letters. Once they have done this they must find those with the letters that they need and swap for ones that they don't need. Once this is done get them to put the words into a phrase that they think makes sense.

After the activity: Ask the groups if they worked as a team. They are only very quick questions and so should only be discussed for 30 seconds. If so, what tasks did everyone undertake? Did they work well together? Did they all come up with the same answer? What do they think the phrase means?


  • communication
  • creative
  • Creative Expression
  • matrix
  • team building

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