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Aim: To learn about the culture of the Games and desiggn a mascot for your own mini-games.


Paper pens & craft materials


Olympic and Paralympic mascots add some fun to the Games, but they are also designed to reflect the concept of the Games and the culture of the host city. They are especially appealing to children and young people.

Look at the mascots past and present and the stories behind them. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, have their own website: You can find information about previous mascots here:

If your town or guiding area were to host the Olympic or Paralympic Games, what would your mascot look like? Design and name your own mascot. You could turn your design into reality, perhaps by creating a soft toy version, or modelling it from recycled materials.

Take it further
Hold a local mascot competition with a prize for the best one.

If you hold your own mini games you could use the winning mascot on flyers and posters you make to advertise your games.


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