Spoon design

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Recucle a wooden spoon as a gift


wood burner! paper pen crayons felts wooden spoon/spatula


Ask each member to bring in a wooden spoon or spatula from home.

Draw around the Spoon/Spatula as many times as you can on an A4 sheet of paper and design your gift. Thinik about any wording and what material you are going to use on the finished product!

When at least 3 designs have been drawn pick your best design and begin designing. Guides if using a wood burner please only use under supervision. Wood burners BURN skin too! please only let Brownies use them on a one to one ratio.

If a hole for hangeing is not possible then thin rope can be lashed at the end to create a hanging loop.

If using a thick wooden spoon this could be made into a USEFUL keyholder using little metal screwy-in hangy things from the diy shop!

Leaders I have added it to the badge database twice once as soft furnishings (7) as you can only do some many 'others' (13) and you may already have done an 'other' :D


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