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Stage a mock Auction. 2 Girls are the Auctioneers, The rest split into teams This explores what is important to the Girls.


from On Your Marks Resource page 39


2 Girls are the Auctioneers - they create cards with a list of Values on them which they will aution for money,
ie Good Exam Results, Getting a Good Job, Earning Lots of Money, Getting Married, Winning a Race, Starring in a play or Dance Show, Being attractive to Boys, Being Pretty, Able to Afford Fashionable Clothes, Being Popular, Being Healthy, Having a Best Friend, Enjoying a Day Out with Your Family, Having Your own Computer, Being Able to Cook a Delicious Meal, Kindness, Being Fit, Being Equal to Boys /Men in All the opportunities I have, Working for a Charity, World Peace, Solving World Poverty, Acting on Global Warming, Ending World Conflict, Being Happy,
so some of these are Charity and world related, some ploitical, some Womens rights, and some are materialistic.

We then give them fake money or buttons to represent different values, ie Blue glass bottongs are worth £10 and buttons are worth £1
We give each player a bidding card - your bid will be accepted if you hold your card with your number on it up - as in an auction house.
Individuals in each team are given the tokens and a bidding card and are told they can bid separately for the Values items on offer.

See how the Auction evolves and what money is bid.
Our Auctioneers got keen and started to add other items to the list on offer at auction.
Some of our patrols went from bidding as an individual to bidding as a team realising they could pool their resources.
We kept a record of what each item went for, and got comments at thed end.


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