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aim to make a Healthy Snack that you can eat on the Go


On your Marks page 18. Baking tins, greaseproof paper, utensils, 50g Low fat Butter, 200ml honey or maple syrup, 50g brown sugar, 80g wholemeal flour, 150g rolled oats, 100g chopped nuts, 150g mixed seeds, 180g dried fruit per serving


Melt the butter, honey and brown sugar over low heat for 2 mins (or microwave to melt)
Combine the rest of the ingredients in a bowl.
We got the main ingredients per patrol, then put bowls out with a selection of dried fruits, chopped nuts, coconut, almonds, seeds, and allowed the Girls to make the basic mix, then add fillings to their desired taste.
Mix until everything is combined.
Grease a baking tin. We put greaseproof divisions per girl into the tins so they could be lifted out for the gorls to take home (and asked them to write their name on bottom of the greaseproof)
Put mixture into a baking tin and press down evenly.
Bake on Gas 4 (180 oC) for 25 mins or until golden
Cool tin for an hour and cut into bars.

By putting mix into strips on greaseproof paper ours was already formed into bars which could be lifted out and put into bags for girls to take home (as it took most of the meeting to make and cook - so girls took them home warm)
Store chilled - they keep well stored in a fridge.

they were delicious and definately worth making again - some of the Girls mixes were nicer than the others and it was a useful excercise to do varied mixes so they could test to see what tasted good.


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