Poi Balls - a Maori Dance

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Poi - A Maori dance was originally developed by women to keep their fingers nimble forweaving. Now people all over the world practice this skill

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On Your Mars Resource page 25
Internet link for video
You tube Video too

You will need Two Long Socks each , we used Balloons
To make the weights you can use small squashy foam balls, bean bags or half blown up balloons with rice inside (we used balloons they worked well)
Fill the balloons with rice and tie them up
Get some Coloured cord or cotton strips and plat them and use these in long strips to tie the end of the balloon or sock . Its important that the weights aren't oo heavy .
At the other end tie some coloured ribbon in streamer format.

rainbow global adventure roundabout page 17


Now the balls are complete - you need two of them one for each hand.
Have a go at some excercises
Start by swinging one ball, get used to the rythm, in a circle, figure of eight to the side of you, to the back in fornt of you.
When you have this, join in with the other ball.
Try crossing over, figure of eight,

Have a look at the videos on www.playpoi,com/learn beginners series getting started
To watch Maori women in action try You tube


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