Cardboard Oven Cooking

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Make Cardboard Ovens and Cook in them


Cardboard Boxes, Heavy Duty tin foil, sellotape, thow away barbecue trays and coals , matches,
Food suitable for oven cooking


Stick aluminium foil inside and outside of the cardboard box lining it completely to create your oven.
The cardboard box lid must flap down the front of the box

At start of meeting light the barbecue trays and place inside the over on firm none combustible surface. the coals need to go red before you can cook

Make up items to be cooked also wrapped in foil or in baking trays as they woudl be in an over.
For instance
Pita bread parcels
Toasties (2 slices of bread buttered both sides with a fillign in the middle wrapped in foil )
Sponge cake mixture
Sponge in an orane - scoop inside of an orange out and put sponge mixture in the middle - yum
scoop inside of an apple or banana and put snickers, mars or other chocolate int eh middle it cooks with the fruit as a sauce (wrapped in foil)
Anything else that is baked in an overn can be done this way, but remember the oven will only get as hot as the coals so ideally choose soemthing that would cook in a normal overn for no more than 30 mins as it will take longer this way.


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