Co-operative Games

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Games that have require the girls to all work together and have no winners or losers


Newspapers or mats; long, light stick; parachute


Use any or all of these games...

Cross the room: Give the girls some small mats or newspapers, you'll need approximately 1 for every 5 girls. Get them to cross the room while only standing on the mats. They will need to work together and help one another to stay on the mats. Time: 10 mins

Helium stick: stand the girls in two lines facing one another and close enough to touch without stretching. Get all the girls to put their index fingers out in from of them and balance a stick across them. The only rule is that everyone must keep both fingers on the stick at all times and the objective is to lower the stick to the floor. Because they are all trying to keep their fingers on the stick it will rise up in the air and they will have to coordinate themselves and slowly lower it together. Time: 7 mins

Parachute Games: Try some parachute games that require the girls to work together such as mexican waves, ball balancing, mushrooms etc. Time: 20 - 40 mins depending on ages and number of games

Blob tag: Start a game of tag as usual, however when the person who is 'it' catches someone, they join together. Keep going until you have one big blob. Restrict the area where the girls can go if the blob is finding it too hard to catch anyone. Requires some serious co-ordination once the blob gets to about 6 people. Split into two blobs if necessary. Time: 5 mins

Chinese whispers: Guides especially think of this as a boring game, but it works really well if you can convince them to try it. Sit in a circle and whisper a message to the person on your right. They then pass it on until the last person says out loud the message they received. Each person may only listen to the message once and must pass on what they think they heard. Time 5 mins

One frog: Sit in a circle and establish a rhythm by clapping hands and then slapping thighs. In turn, say the following: "one frog", "two eyes" "four legs", "in a puddle", "ker-plop", "two frogs", "four eyes", "eight legs", "in a puddle", "in a puddle", "ker-plop", "ker-plop" and so on. See how many frogs you can get. Time: 7 mins

Sardines: you need a large area with lots of hiding places for this game, a building with many rooms that you can use is ideal. Send one person to hide, after 30 seconds send the rest of the girls to find them, when they do, they must quietly hide with that person until everyone is squashed into the hiding place like sardines. The last person to the hiding place can be the next one to hide. Also works well in the dark. Time 15 mins

Untying knots: Give the group a long rope with some knots tied in it. Each member must hold the rope at all times. Let them work out how to untie all the knots. If you have a large group, you may need more than one rope. Time 10 mins

Human Tangle: Stand in a circle, get everyone to reach out and grab another hand. Every left hand must hold a right hand and each person must be holding two other people's hands. No one may hold the hand of the person next to them. Now let the group untangle themselves. Split into two with large groups. Time 5 mins

Build sculptures: In groups of 4 - 6, challenge them to build a sculpture. Set a theme if you like (such as animals or buildings). Allow them freedom to use any materials as long as 1. they don't break anything to obtain them 2. they don't do anything with them that is likely to cause them to break 3. they don't use without permission of the owner. See what they come up with and then tour the gallery to see what everyone else has come up with. Time: 20 mins


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