Guide Promise and Law Race

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Race where Guides have to find the words for the Promise and Laws and stick them on a piece of paper in the correct sequence.


For each patrol:
Pieces of paper with the individual words that make up the Guide Promise and Laws
Blank sheet of paper
Glue stick


Beforehand you need to type up the Guide Promise and Laws and then cut then up into individual words - one set is needed per patrol. To make it more difficult you can also add additional words!

Put all the bits if paper in a central table.

From each patrol ONE Guide runs up and takes ONE word back to the patrol.
The Guides can take it in turns to run - or they can have 1 or 2 girls doing the running and the others sorting the words and sticking.

Note: at first it doesn't really matter which words the runners are taking - but later on they'll need to know which words their patrol is still missing.

The girls then need to stick the words onto a sheet of paper in the right order to make the Guide Promise and Laws.

Winner is the first patrol to have completed the Promise and Laws correctly.

Possible adaptions:
- use Brownie Promise and Law
- to make it easier for Guides, give them the pieces of paper with the words for the Laws - Then they only need to run and find the words from the Promise and just need to arrange the words for the Laws (this was tricky enough for my Guides!)


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