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World Issues Badge Syllabus




Choose and do five of the following:
* Plant a tree in your local area.
- Know why trees are important to the air we breathe.
- Show on a map of the world where trees are in danger.
- Describe what a sustainable forest is.
* Take some cans, bottles, newspaper or clothes to be recycled. Find out how they will be recycled and know why this is good for the environment.
* For a week keep a record of how much water you use each day and what you use the water for. Make a poster showing how a water shortage may affect you. With your Six, taste different types of clean safe water, like tap water, filtered water and bottled water. Agree which is your favourite.
* Draw the flag or symbol of an organisation that helps people around the world. Make a leaflet about the work it does and how others can support it.
* Find out about the Olympics Games, Winter Olympics, Special Olympics or Paralympics. Know how the Games started and their role in the world.
* Spot three differences and three similaritiries between you and a Brownie friend. Discuss with the tester if your think the differences are important. Find out three things you have in common with Brownies in other countries.
* Make a meal using an ingredient grown in another country, like bananas, pineapple, coffee or chocolate.
* Find out about Fair Trade. Do a survey of Fair Trade products that you can buy locally. Make a drink or snack using one of the products.
* Talk to the tester about how a war may start. Discuss how war affects people's lives.
* Name three countries with languages different from yours and each other's. Show how you would communicate with a person from each country.
* Show how to wah your hands and clean your teeth proper;y. Know why it is important to do these things regularly and what you would do in a country where it is difficult to get clean water.
* Play a game from another country. Make up a game of your own and explain the rules to your Six.
* Make a poster about children's rights. Play a game with other Brownies then take with them about why rules and fair play are important.
* Find our about an international aid organisation like UNICEF, Oxfam or the Red Crescent. Tell the tester:
- when it was started.
- why it began.
- what it is trying to do for people around the world.

If you complete five more clauses you can have another World Issues badge.


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