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World Traveller Badge Syllabus




Choose and do five of the following.
* Choose a country with a language other than your own. Learn to say:
- numbers one to ten.
- hello.
- thank you.
- goodbye.
* Know what you should remember to do when walking or cycling in a different country.
* Show you can tell that a car is from a different country.
* Show how you might greet people from three countries in their traditional way, such as rubbing noses (Canadian Inuits), the wai (Thailand) or peace sign (Native Americans).
* Know why people have passports. Make a pretend one for yourself containing a photo or drawing of yourself, your name, date of birth and address. Draw in entry stamps from different countries.
* Help to plan and take a trip on a bus, train, boat or plane. Draw a picture or scrapbook showing what you enjoyed. Discuss with the tester the plans you would make to travel to another country.
* With an adult you know, cook something on a campfire or barbecue, like marshmallows, sausages or bananas. Explain to the tester the type of food you would carry and cook when travelling.
* Pack a small bag with the things you need to stay away from home for one night. Don't forget a game to play, something to read or your cuddly toy.
* On a day trip or holiday take some photographs. Display and label them, or arrange them in an album.
* Collect some souvenirs from abroad. Use them to play Kim's Game with your Six.
* Make a postcard to send to a friend. On a piece or card, draw or stick a picture of a place. On the back tell your friend about what the place is like and what you did there.
* Show the tester what type of clothes you might wear if you lived in:
- a very cold country.
- a very hot country.
- a very wet country.
- a very dry country.

If you complete five more clauses you can have another World Traveller Badge.


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