Last One Standing

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This game can be adapted to suit any topic.
We have used planets, frogs, star signs, ducks and islands
the instructions below are for planets but adapt it for your theme
for frogs we said 'off you hop' when they start and 'Catch that fly' forthem to go to a frog


Circles cut out of different coloured card (these can be various sizes ranging from about 15cm wide) saying; Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and a crescent shaped moon. These could be covered in sticky backed plastic to make them more durable.
Small index cards with; Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and Moon written on. Also one with a star drawn on.

or for other themes just use other pictures.
Make sure you have a safe small index card as well as one for each different picture.


Distribute the cards on the floor around the hall. The command `rockets take off' is called. The girls run around the room. When `Comets coming' is called they go and stand next to a planet.
Make sure all the planets are called before allowing people to pair up. Select an index card at random. Call out the name of the planet on the card. Anyone standing on this planet is out and the index card and circle are removed from the game. The game continues like this until there is only one planet left. The girl or girls on this planet are the winners. The only different action in the game is if the card with the star is picked, in which case everyone is safe for that go, no one is out.



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